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One is committed to protecting the privacy and security of visitors to This policy of privacy and terms and conditions (the ‘ policy’) is designed to inform you about our obligations to you. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

Refers to two organizations: an action, a non-profit club, social organization, organized according to Section of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States (IRC); and the Campaign, a nonprofit, public charity organized in accordance with Section of the IRC. Campaign Action and are related entities. As such, the two organizations share offices, staff and a common mission. While action owns and pays for, the data collected by can be shared between the two organizations.

Privacy Policy & Legal

Foundation collects information and how we use it

Personal information

To fulfill its mission, one depends on the participation of people like you. Our website is designed to facilitate the participation through interaction, which often means asking people for their Personal information. The following is an explanation of how you We ask for your personal information, and what is protected and what is not.

Joining the foundation

When you become a member of one, we ask for information, including your name, email address, postal or zip code and country of residence. We will not share or disclose any information personally identifiable information collected in this process. Only one staff authorized agents (as described below) have access to personally identifiable information provided by you. You have the option to decide whether to provide such information to us.


Much of our ability to influence people come from requests. Before signing, you should know what information we will keep private and what information we will make public.

When you sign a petition on our website, we treat your name, country as public information and share it with the world leader or marker decision that is the target of the request.

To make such information public petition, never share your email or telephone number.

Campaign actions

There are opportunities on our website for you to send messages directly to decision makers through email, twitter and letter. Due to the nature of communication, whatever the information that you provide your e-mail address, example, will be shared with the recipient of the message. If you decide share your contact information with responsible thus not We can limit or control the way, in any case, that person or organization will use your information or keep it private.

Direct contact

Our website has form (s) online and e-mail mail through which you can contact us with questions, concerns, to report problems with our web site, or other issues. In order to respond to you, we need your email address and the country in which you live. While keep this information for our files, we will not use it for any purpose, except to correspond with you regarding your query without your permission. You can use the following form (s) online email addresses so that it corresponds with us regarding the rights you may have under the law applicable in relation to the accuracy of the identification data Staff in our possession and use, and we will comply with laws applicable for you and us in solving the problem you raise.

Legal documentation

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