BIOORA tiene como finalidad que jóvenes y padres de familia de sectores vulnerables puedan crecer personal, social y laboralmente

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The aim of the BIOORA project is to enable young people and parents of vulnerable sectors to grow personally, socially and professionally, with a process of easy access and development, in which they not only study a new technical knowledge, but also develop skills of all kinds, because the project is alienated to different approaches that make it innovative and lasting over time.


BIOORA provides training in the areas of dressmaking, and at the same time, participants receive administrative, financial, investment and accounting training through a group of experts, who will have the objective of empowering beneficiaries in planning, design , development and execution of the social entrepreneurship, which will be the project’s final goal.

How do we measure progress

BIOORA does an analysis to the extent that the training cycles are being fulfilled in the different areas of project. This analysis consists on a series of evaluations, meetings with the participants, and technical reviews, which serve to know in which level of knowledge the beneficiaries are in the project.

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