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We are a non-profit entity, established in the United States and Colombia, which aims to contribute to the education of children and youth of scarce resources through education and sport.


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Pases of Hope

Passes of Hope

Education program through sport which seeks to teach fundamental values such as teamwork, tolerance, respect, and discipline.

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Sponsorhip Program


Program consisting in direct sponsoring of poor children and young athletes in order to cover their basic needs in education, health, transportation and others.

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Health and Wellness


This program complements the work of unconventional looking good education and physical development of children, implementing health campaigns and providing nutritional supplements for growth.

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During the month of July, a series of workshops were held with the NATUBAIYIBARI leaders belonging to the BARI indigenous community, who, according to the parameters established by the current emergency situation, accepted the arrival of the youth leader foundation (JLF) to their reservation under the PASSES OF HOPE program.

Our program is identified for having special emphasis in the education through the sport strengthening this way, the values, principles, the communication, the teamwork and the importance of the emotional and physical stability in children and young people, in addition to this, to stimulate the culture of our communities through the program previously named.

We thank the community for allowing us to reach their territory, especially their leaders, who made PASES DE ILLUSION EN LA COMUNIDAD BARI possible. Also to the collaborators of our foundation, who work hard to improve and strengthen the program.



The Legal Representative of the foundation Juventud Lider communicates the following:

1. Unscrupulous and irresponsible people have usurped our identity, using our name, logo, and screenshots of our pages to offer language courses and request money as a down payment for the course

2. FUNDACION JUVENTUD LIDER is a legally constituted entity with its main headquarters in Ciudad de Cúcuta-Colombia.

3. FUNDACION JUVENTUD LIDER is not offering any courses. Neither our ILLUSION PASS project sponsors this type of training.

4. The FUNDACION JUVENTUD LIDER is not responsible for this type of advertisement.


 Passes of Hope Program,  to reach more areas of Catatumbo, Thanks to the National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH)

Passes of Hope Program, to reach more areas of Catatumbo, Thanks to the National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH)

Passes of Hope progam expands in the Catatumbo Region; We started our program in La Gabarra, municipality of Tibú, thanks to the National Hydrocarbon Agency (ANH) and Iberoamericana de Hidrocarburos.

Last September, we had the opportunity to present our mission and objectives within the framework of the regional Hydrocarbons Strategy (ETH) regional committee in Norte de Santander state of Colombia. Thanks to the support of these organizations (ETH and ANH), more than one hundred children and their families in the barge will benefit from this project, where they will learn values through team sport, as well as entrepreneurship for their families.

With La Gabarra, there are already four areas in the Catatumbo region where our Passes of Illusion program is arriving, benefiting more than three hundred children directly and one thousand two hundred people indirectly throughout the Norte de Santander region

 We are Impacting more Areas in Catatumbo with Passes of Hope

We are Impacting more Areas in Catatumbo with Passes of Hope

We continue to grow for the benefit of our boys and girls. Last June we started our #Passesofhope program in the town of Orú, municipality of El Tarra, North of Santander, where more than seventy children and their families have benefited from our project today.

Passed of Hope is an Education through Sports Program that seeks to teach fundamental values such as teamwork, tolerance, respect, and discipline, as well as controlling your emotions, in order to project yourself in life.

We thank the community and the school in Orú where we have been received greatly. This project is possible thanks to the financing of the European Union in Colombia, PLAN Foundation, Caritas. In the same way we want to thank our allies and friends in El Tarra Fundación G 2/10

 Started Passes of Hope Program-Palmeritos in the Catatumbo Region of Colombia

Started Passes of Hope Program-Palmeritos in the Catatumbo Region of Colombia

We are happy to announce that last April 8, we started a new partnership between Fundación Juventud Lider (FJL) and the Palm Growers Foundation of Catatumbo (FUNPALCAT). That is why, starting this month, we will arrive with our Pases de Ilusión-Palmeritos program in Campo Dos, Municipality of Tibù, Norte de Santander.

Thanks to this alliance, and with the help of the compensation fund of Norte de Santander, Comfanorte, we will benefit more than a hundred children in this region of Catatumbo.

It should be noted that the Pases of hope program currently benefits more than three hundred and fifty children in Cúcuta and El Tarra in Norte de Santander, and Nueva Venecia, Magdalena Colombia.

With Campo Dos, there are already nine areas where Fundación Juventud Lider is present in some way with our different programs. All this we do from the heart, for our children and young people, for a better society. #forourchildren

 Partership with Juventus Academy Houston

Partership with Juventus Academy Houston

We are happy to partner this summer with the Juventus Academy Texas to bring the opportunity to low- income kids to attend a great program. They are going to be trained with a world class methodology and have exposure to gain skills applicable not only to the Soccer field but also have an impact in their attitude and academic behavior

The Juventus Training Camp is a 5-day camp for girls and boys 5 to 17 years old to be delivered from June 24th-28th in Houston. If you would like to became a sponsor please donate through our website or the Juventus Academy Texas a ticket ($405) for one or more kids to participate at the Juventus Soccer Camp.

For eligible children, the following site may be used to enter their information for a chance to win the Draw that will select as many winners as contributions of $405 are received for this Project. Winners will be chosen on May 1st 2019 from a random draw of completed entries received in accordance with the terms and conditions described: https://www.zzonefit.com/drawing


  • " I would like to thank JL Foundation for helping me to accomplish my goals, my dreams. First Colombian Rugby player to reach an European Professional Rugby League. "


    Andres Zafra

    ( Colombian International Rugby Player )

  • " For all all the Kids who conforms JL Foundation, keep it up, don't give up "


    Macnelly Torres

    ( Atletico Nacional- Colombian International Soccer Player )

  • " I am part of this project #Help us to Help "


    Leandro Castellanos

    ( Independiente Santa fe, Colombia-Professional Soccer Player )

  • " God bless you and all the children from Juventud Lider. Let's keep working! "


    Jackson Martínez

    ( Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club- Colombian International Player )

  • " Fundación Juventud líder ¡That's it! "


    Pibe Valderrama

    ( Former Soccer World Player of Colombia )

Key Supporters

The following Companies and Entities are our partners and support.

  • Houston Community Family Center
  • Comfanorte
  • Laurens Sport For Good Foundation
  • ETH
  • Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos
  • Alejandroverjel.com
  • Palnorte S.A.S.
  • Funpalcat
  • Red de Futbol y Paz
  • Rush Soccer Club
  • Colombia Joven
  • Golombiao
  • Fundacion NU3
  • Fundacion Bolivar Davivienda
  • One World Play Project
  • Cordúa
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Greenway
  • bp
  • Clínica Oftanmológica del Caribe
  • Araya
  • Kicks
  • Smile Foundation
  • Kasaari
  • Fundación Procaps
  • Universidad Simón Bolivar
  • Fundación G 2/10
  • Peace Paccers
  • Tova
  • Bancolombia