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Frequent questions

Within the Plan Padrino program there are children of all ages.
We recommend a minimum of one year with the aim of achieving a tie Strait between the sponsor and the child. The maximum Sponsorship depends entirely on the sponsor.
No, each child can have only one sponsor
Yes, each sponsor can sponsor how many children they want, covering their needs as stipulated in Sponsorship Program.
No Godsons allocation is random in order to avoid discrimination of any kind and bring opportunity to all children of the community.
It is recommended that all contact with children should be benefited by through the foundation
Yes, it can. However, we recommend that these be sent through the Foundation. If you are a taxpayer of the income tax in Colombia, whether or not you reside in the country, you can request your donation certificate. Youth Leader, being an entity without spirit of profit incorporated in Colombia, cannot issue certificates of deduction of taxes valid abroad.
If you are a taxpayer income tax in Colombia, residing or not the country can apply for a certificate of donation. Juventud Lider, being a non-profit organization established in Colombia, can not issue certificates valid deduction of taxes abroad.

If you require a donation certificate as a natural or legal person it is necessary to send name, ID, telephone number and address to and send by postal mail to this address: Avenida 0 No. 19-23, Caobos Cúcuta, Colombia

Natural person
• Photocopy of the donor’s card
• Proof of legal entity consignment
• RUT valid for no longer than 60 days
• Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce of the organization valid for no more than 60 days
• Proof of the consignment. Remember that the certificate delivery process lasts up to 30 calendar days.
If you require a donation certificate in the United States, just send your full name and email. This certificate will be sent via email immediately.
Juventud Lider Foundation recommends a commitment of at least 6 months, so that your donation can have a real impact on the projects