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We are a non-profit entity, established in the United States and Colombia, which aims to contribute to the education of children and youth of scarce resources through education and sport.


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1000Sport material donations

28Sponsored children

1410Indirect Beneficiaries

19%Female population

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Pases of Hope

Passes of Hope

Programa de educación a través del deporte donde se busca enseñar valores fundamentales tales como el trabajo en equipo, tolerancia, respeto, disciplina entre otros.

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Sponsorhip Program


Program consisting in direct sponsoring of poor children and young athletes in order to cover their basic needs in education, health, transportation and others.

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Health and Wellness


This program complements the work of unconventional looking good education and physical development of children, implementing health campaigns and providing nutritional supplements for growth.

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Latest News

 Parents and Children Paint their future

Parents and Children Paint their future

This past weekend, under our parent school workshop we celebrated a painting session. The purpose of these workshops is to re-build and or create a bond between the parents and the children. All of these activities are part of our program Passes of Hope, which has been successfully implementing with more than one hundred children and youth of Los Olivos and surrounding neighborhoods of Cucuta, Colombia for the past two years.

 Donated Goods to More than 700 families

Donated Goods to More than 700 families

This past weekend we donated clothes and home utensils given by the colombian government agency to more than 600 kids and their families in Cucuta, Colombia. This is the second delivery we made in Colombia as part of a major package, which will benefit to more than 3000 people, in the areas we develop our programs.

 We are happy to announce our new Alliance with Games4Good Foundation

We are happy to announce our new Alliance with Games4Good Foundation

Last week we received the exciting news, Games 4Good Foundation decided to believe in our project Passes of Hope and gave us their sponsorship. Thanks to them for letting continue making the following inspirational phrase for our boys and girls in Colombia come true, which is to “use sport to effect positive change in underserved communities around the world”

 Very Proud of our Volunteer Juanita Ortiz

Very Proud of our Volunteer Juanita Ortiz

Very proud of our volunteer Juanita Ortiz, who is giving his time to teach mathematics to our kids in Nueva Venecia, a magic town in the middle of the delta of the Magdalena river. She an inspiration for all of us who are willing to give hope to future generations in need.

 Golombiao Methodology Starts in Nueva Venecia

Golombiao Methodology Starts in Nueva Venecia

We are exited to announce this week we started a methodology of peaceful dialog among youth through soccer, sponsored by the Colombian government an created by UNICEF among others, with our kids in Nueva Venecia


  • " I would like to thank JL Foundation for helping me to accomplish my goals, my dreams. First Colombian Rugby player to reach an European Professional Rugby League. "


    Andres Zafra

    ( Colombian International Rugby Player )

  • " For all all the Kids who conforms JL Foundation, keep it up, don't give up "


    Macnelly Torres

    ( Atletico Nacional- Colombian International Soccer Player )

  • " I am part of this project #Help us to Help "


    Leandro Castellanos

    ( Independiente Santa fe, Colombia-Professional Soccer Player )

  • " God bless you and all the children from Juventud Lider. Let's keep working! "


    Jackson Martínez

    ( Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club- Colombian International Player )

  • " Fundación Juventud líder ¡That's it! "


    Pibe Valderrama

    ( Former Soccer World Player of Colombia )

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The following Companies and Entities are our partners and support

  • One World Play Project
  • Cordúa
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Greenway
  • bp
  • Clínica Oftanmológica del Caribe
  • Unidades Tecnológicas de Santander
  • Instituto Salesiano
  • Araya
  • ProSmile
  • Kicks
  • Jim Alejandro Verjel
  • Grupoasex
  • Smile Foundation
  • Kasaari
  • Fundación Procaps
  • Universidad Simón Bolivar
  • Fundación G 2/10
  • Peace Paccers
  • Tova
  • Bancolombia
  • Mission Soccer